Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You win some, you lose some

Jeez, its been 2 1/2 weeks since I posted.  Eh, life.

Not a whole lot has been happening on the card front really.  Nothing going out, little coming in.

I have been trolling eBay though, looking for deals.  I decided to pop on a 50 card lot my favorite parallels.  The auction didn't list the numbers, and I didn't ask.  I thought, "I'm sure I'll need a bunch of the 50".  Welp, there were only 49 in the box (shrug), and I only needed 3 of them.  3.  Caveat emptor.  So I have another stack of extra red foils if anybody wants any specific ones.

I also look for deals on my Angels from the 60's.

I got this one for a pretty good deal.  It goes right into my Angels Topps base binder.  But the buyer decided to throw in another card.

Presumably to protect during shipping?  Either way, I'm calling this a win.

I actually find all the marking interesting.  Why are some checked, some are crossed out, and some are circled?


  1. Win some lose some.. love my cousin vinny

  2. By far that is the most awesome checklist card I've ever seen.