Friday, November 29, 2013


Frankenset card #147

One of the things about having OCD is that I notice coincidences, anomalies, things that might defy the odds.   When I first decided to put together my frankenset, I haphazardly went through my doubles boxes grabbing Angels and putting them in a box in numerical order.  When I came to number 147, I noticed a coincidence (okay so anybody would have caught it.  Whatever).

My two choices for #147 in the frankenset were:

1989 Topps #147
1989 DeWayne Buice or:

1989 Upper Deck #147
1989 DeWayne Buice.

Two of the 5 major card companies gave the same player the same card number in the same year.   What are the odds of that?  Score just missed making it a trifecta:

1989 Score #153
Just 6 off.  Fleer and Donruss declined to offer up Buice cards in 1989.

Anyhoooo, only one card gets to make the frankenset.  I'll go with.......
Inital Frankenset inductee

The Upper Deck card.  After all, it was Buice who was instrumental in getting Upper Deck into the baseball card business.  

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