Thursday, November 7, 2013

Full names

One of the perks about having this here little blog is that I get to pretend I'm a blogger.

In my new self-titled role of blogger, I headed over to the 2X3 heroes blog and signed up for Club PWE.  Sure enough, I got a PWE filled with Angels the other day.  Ironically it was the day after a post detailing how Jeff from 2X3 and I had sent the same card to Night Owl.

I got cards from just after I stopped collecting cards.  I'm not even sure I knew about Leaf when I was still collecting.  Nowadays, thanks to a Craig's lister from 10 years ago, I have a bunch of 1991 Leaf, but that Sanderson is definitely an addition to my Angels cards.

I also got some cards from when I was not collecting at all.  Any cards I have from the 2000s I have gotten from re-packs or from generous bloggers like Jeff here.  Erstad and Molina were both products of the farm system and key contributors to the Angels only World Series champions.  Guerrero on the other hand is (in my humble opinion) indirectly responsible for the mess the Angels are in right now.  He was a great signing for Arte and won an MVP.  But that has led to the Angels signing more free agents who haven't been as good, which in turn is weakening  the farm system.....

But I digress.

The best card for me in the PWE was this Tim Salmon, which will find a good home in my Salmon PC.  This is from one of the 14 million sets Fleer produced in 1999 (exaggeration I know.  I collected in the 80's when there was three sets and we liked it).  But its a pretty sharp looking card.

Oh and one other thing.  If you sign up for a mailing list........

....full names people.  Full names.

Thanx Jeff

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