Saturday, November 22, 2014


I assume all bloggers and blog readers have a routine to reading blogs.  Gotta start somewhere.  I always start with Night Owl Cards.  Read N.O. first, then use the card blogs list down the side of his blog to read everyone else's.


When I first found blogs devoted to baseball cards, N.O. was one of the first I started reading.  And for good reason, its a perennial "blog of the year" candidate.

I think everyone knows my love of 82 Fleer

N.O. was also (I think) the first blog I reached out to contact.  I sent off some cards, as I'm sure I saw something I wanted to trade for.

Is that a box bottom card?  Outstanding

The reason I say all this is that all the cards I'm showing here came from the esteemed N.O. blogger.

Every card should be on this cardstock

I have received cards from Greg before.  There was even a box of 1979 Topps that he sent without even a trade expected in return. (and if anybody needs some 79's, let me know).  But I asked for those cards. 

Someone explain the need for Opening Day.  OD or base, Topps, pick one and go with it.

But this particular package was sent out of the blue.  He had some Angels cards and he thought of meMe.  Me and my infrequently updated blog.  And that is pretty damn cool.

Color parallels are like meth.  I love them so, but they are bad to me.

Thanks a bunch Greg.

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  1. You're always welcome. Glad I think to update that blog roll every once in awhile.