Thursday, December 4, 2014

War of the WARs

I recently read a post on another blog asking if anyone was reading.  Basically should the blogger keep blogging.

I was about to comment on the post tell the blogger to blog for himself.  Then it hit me, that advice is for me.

See, I think the normal state for bloggers is to post.  And then life may get in the way and force them to stop blogging for a bit, but they'll go back to their normal state.  Posting.

But I'm the opposite.  My normal state is to read blogs.  And then that gets interrupted by me having something to say.

Since I've started this here little blog, I've had the feeling that I wasn't doing it right.  I should be posting more.  But its not like me to say much in real life, so why would I constantly be saying something on the blog?  Gotta be me right?  I think I'll just have to accept that its okay for me to post only when I have something to say.

The only variation I pulled from this year's Topps base was the David Ortiz Sabermetric Stats variation.

Which is sorta ironic, in that I think the only variation I pulled in 2013 was the David Ortiz photo variation.

Anyway, I recently received the base version of Ortiz.....

...which gives him credit for 0.1 more WAR in 2004 and 0.2 more WAR for his career. 


Baseball Reference gives Ortiz different WAR values altogether.  I'm kind of a numbers guy, so while I'm okay with WAR as a concept..
 a) I don't like that it compares players to a mythical "replacement player" which then can give a 600 at-bat player less value than a 3 at-bat player, and
 b) there are different WAR values depending on who is calculating it and who is reporting it.  So I can't even go look up what the correct WAR values should be.

Guess I had something to say.

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  1. I don't like that there are different WAR values out there either. As a math teacher this really bothers me and I wish someone would step in (MLB) and say, THIS is the formula we're going to use.