Sunday, June 15, 2014

When did I become Grumpy Old Man?

So I went into the red parallel store and got my first taste of Series 2.  I bought a hanger box nd a rack pack.  108 cards should whet my appetite no?

This is probably my favorite card of the bunch.  Not just because he's an Angel.  Not just because I've seen him play here in Sacramento (and taken a couple of pictures of his).  Just a good looking card to me.  Even if it is horizontal.

Oh!  I just realized there's only 8 Angels in Series 2.  And that includes Mike Trout, who's in Series 1.  Gotta make room for more Yankees I bet.

I'm a parallel guy.  I like the idea of parallels.  And I've already spoken of my love for the Slayer parallels.  (I still think a complete set of those would be awesome!)  But I think we've reached the saturation point Topps.  This doesn't even include blue (obviously), black, pink, clear, yellow, camo, purple, and printing plates.  As usual Topps has beat a good idea into the ground.

And of course:

These are my dupes.  84 different base cards and 8 dupes.  10% Topps?  c'mon man!  Here we go again.  <end rant>

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