Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now I'm Bipping myself...

I have a habit of going on to eBay and putting in low bids and just forgetting about them.  I don't win alot of auctions this way, but when I do I usually get a good deal. I posted about a win the other day I got in this way.

A day or two after that, I won this:


A day or two after that I won a 35 card lot.  It included these:


That's okay.  Those were actually not the cards I liked most in the auction anyway.  I'll show what else was in there.

 A bunch of The Future is Now.  These are basically all available.

This is actually kind of a classy looking insert set.  But kinda boring too.  I'm not really into any of the inserts this year.  These are all available too.

I haven't pulled any of these 50 Years of the Draft cards from a pack.  The puke green parallels have me feeling ambivalent.  I like parallels, but again - puke green?  Worse yet, I actually already have that Adduci in puke green.  These are all available.

Gold parallels.  Now we're talking.

But those still weren't my favorite part of the lot:

Oh yeah.  Slayer parallels.  I'm probably in the minority, but I love these.  Can you imagine a full set of these.  In a binder.  Page after page.  Just me I guess.  This only brings me to 15, so I guess I'll never know.

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