Friday, January 31, 2014

What the ?

Stopped at the purveyor of blue parallels and bought a pair of the $5 36 packs (what do you call those things anyway?  Rack packs?)

I thought I'd do a side by side comparison.  Let's see which pack is better, shall we?

Let's start in the bottom compartments:

Ummm, tie




Grr, let's try the top compartments.


 Sigh, tie


So, ya.  A full one fourth of these packs, which were back to back on the hanger, are the exact same.  I guess let's compare the rest

Both of the "retirement" guys.  Tie

This will represent the rest of the base cards.  Angels versus non Angel.  Advantage Pack 2.

Blue Parallels.  Ummm, guess I like the throwback Sox unis.  Advantage Pack 1.

Duh.  Pack 1 takes the lead.

Really?  Even when they're not the same, they're the same.

"The Professor and Maryann...."  Red sparkly parallel vs. Super Veteran, tie.  Griffey vs. Power player.  Pack 1 wins.

1 comment:

  1. I call them rack packs, though I think the wrapper itself labels them as "Value Packs".

    I'm going to try a couple loose packs at my local Target next time and see if the collation is any different. I don't want to risk getting 36 doubles out of my next rack pack again.