Friday, July 25, 2014


I am a self-professed set collector.  Not a very good one mind you, but a set collector none the less.  I also happen to be a self-professed pack ripper.  I like opening packs of cards.  Well, not really packs anymore.  Rack packs, and hanger boxes i guess.  But you get the idea.

As anybody who would stumble upon this post knows, opening packs is probably the most inefficient way to build a set.  And yet, that's me.

As a result, I've built up a little stack of dupes of 2014 base:

Of course, I haven't actually pulled a sparkle variation and only 2 SABR stat back variations, but that's beside point.  I did pull a Trout Future Stars variation, which is better than all the sparkle variations, but that's beside the point too.

So I need your help, dear reader.  All I need you to do is send me a want list.  That's it.  You can find my email here.  I need to get rid of these before they pile up on me like all my junk wax has.  You can even throw in want lists from junk wax sets.  I'll send you those too.

If you feel like sending a couple 2014s back to me to finish my set you can, but that's not even required.  Just help me make some room.

Set Builders, Team Set Builders, Player Collectors out there, help me out.

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  1. I basically need most of 2014 still. Email me at and we'll see if we can get a deal.