Saturday, July 12, 2014

Level 3

I think there are different levels of anticipation when you get a PWE or package in the mail. 

When you see something in the box from eBay or Just Commons, or some such, you think "good, its here".  You know what's in there cause you paid for it.

When you get a trade package, you think "alright!"  You sent off some cards you probably didn't need, or at least know that they'll be in a better home.  But the blogger community is always so generous that you know there's a surprise in there somewhere.

But the best packages are the surprises.  "Hey, I know that name, but I wasn't expecting anything".

Such was the case the other day when I opened my mailbox to a PWE from Mark over at This Way to the Clubhouse.

A couple of parallels of Jered Weaver.  Yes, I consider Opening Day to be a parallel.  I still can't really see the point of having OD and the base set.  Too similar.  But I'll always take OD Angels.

A couple more 2014 parallels.  I'm a self-professed parallel lover.  But even I can say that Topps is running the parallel idea into the ground.  On the other hand - Slayer parallel!  Love 'em.

Here's another Weaver, this one from Gypsy Queen.  You can't tell from the scan, but there's texture here, with the frame cut out for the picture.  I don't know enough about all the inserts/SPs from the different sets, but I'm assuming this is one of those.  Either way, its a pretty damn cool card.

And then the oddball of the package, not that the card is oddball, just different than the rest of the cards.  I've been rooting for Blyleven to make the HOF for years, so it was good to finally see him go in a couple of years ago.  Even as an Angel fan, I say look at that picture of him in the Twins uni.  What a great shot.

And Mark, yes I did need these.  Thank you sir.

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  1. Glad to see they made it to ya! The GQ Weaver came from one of those three-pack hanger packages. You know, the ones that give you three regular packs plus a bonus three-card pack of some parallel or variation or whathaveyou. So, that's what that is. Cheers!