Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Donruss Card Numbering

Awhile back, I wrote a few posts about Topps card numbering practices.  What I had forgotten about was some of Donruss' card numbering. 

For example, back when I was collecting I noticed that Donruss would put in succession, a Mariner, Twin, Blue Jay, Twin, Blue Jay, Mariner. 

Usually a Met was on either end.  And often a Cub was on either end of that, and Brave on either end of that.

This pattern would be repeated a number of times throughout each set.

And there would also be a simple Mariner, Blue Jay, Twin pattern a number of times in each set as well.

The practice seems to have stopped before we get into the 1989 set, which frankly surprises me.

So why do I bring up a pattern involving some teams I don't follow?  Well, I noticed this pattern back when i was buying 1987 Donruss.  And I should have realized that there would be patterns involving Angels.  But I didn't remember that until just a few days ago.....

<cliffhanger alert>


  1. What does it all mean?? Maybe an embedded message from a race of ancient aliens...?

  2. Dude that is some serious kinda observations. Nice work.