Thursday, September 11, 2014

Listia wins.... errrr.....sorta

I've been trolling around Listia again.  Searching the lower end of the market for auctions with free shipping.  I did a survey, so I'm playing with free credits.

And I've won a few auctions lately.

Two of them happened to come from the same seller.

This card goes into my Tim Salmon PC, which at the moment is way too small.  And it has a cameo from Salmon's college teammate too (we'll ignore his post career troubles for now).

This card goes into my Topps base card Angels binder.  Both cards also happen to feature my favorite Angel uni.

Like I said, they came from the same seller.  And the seller offered free shipping, so he mailed them together.  That's fine.

They were put into a plastic sleeve and wrapped in a piece of paper.  No hard plastic.  Ehhhh.  I guess I don't really mind that if the cards show up unscathed.  And in this case that didn't cause a problem.

I think the seller was honestly trying to throw in a bonus.

In between the two cards was

This is one of those inserts in 1988 Score.  It happens to highlight Don Sutton's 300th win, which he accomplished while a member of the Angels.

But this thing is thick.

And small.

And I bought lots of 1988 Score, so I have it. 

You probably can't see it in the scans, but there are corner shaped dents in the fronts of both of the cards I actually won.  One is just to the left of Chad Curtis' torso, the other is just to left of Jim Edmonds' face (he's looking right at it).

Once I put them into sheets, they probably won't be visible.

But I'll know.


  1. I was on Listia the other day. First time in about four months. I'm still not paying 499 credits for a 1989 Topps common.

  2. There's another of those small 1988 Score cards for the Angels commemorating Mike Witts perfect game. I have both included with the team set.