Friday, September 5, 2014

I got one

So, I really haven't posted much lately.  Seems to be my pattern; sparse for awhile then a few posts, then dryspell.

Been working a bunch, working on all the particulars of my new house (I finally found a house to buy.  So I'm in your address book, that'll need to update in a few weeks.). And of course Fantasy football has started (I got Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, and Alshon Jeffery so I'll be running the Run & Shoot this year).

But I've been reading blogs and looking for excuses to send out cards.  I've mailed off a few in the last couple of weeks.

I haven't bought many cards recently.  I'm afraid to buy 2014 base cards, because I might get one of my needs and a stack of dupes.  And I haven't seen any Chrome, but I did find one on the 'Bay:

My first (and still only) 2014 Chrome card.

Although I'm not sure if that's a scan of my Chrome card, or a scan of the dust on my scanner.  Oh well, it looks good in person.

a really short post is better than no post...right?

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