Friday, September 19, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Had the pack busting itch the other day.

I haven't finished my Topps base set this year, but I'm at the point of diminishing returns, so I didn't feel like getting 90% dupes.  I can't justify the price of Chrome, just not enough bang for my buck.  So even though I wanted some Chrome, didn't buy that either.

Just as i was about to leave the card aisle empty handed, I spotted

this hanging there.  Its got a Cowboy right there on the front.  (I'll ignore that nasty card to the left for now.)  I do recognize that picture, so there was a little hesitation.  But I went ahead and popped on it.  $4 for 100 cards.  Why not?

Turns out I have a white bordered version of the Romo card, so I'm good.

I didn't realize until I got home

There's a dreaded Redskin on the back too!  Uh oh.

Let's see what's inside:

The Good

Three Cowboys.  With 32 teams, I guess that's right what I should get.  (edit: I checked.  There's no Raiders, Patriots, Titans, or Bills in the repack.  But 5 Bears)   I'd have taken more.  I'm pretty sure I have that Everson Walls, as I bought a fair number of 1989 Pro Set.  I hadn't really been in football cards for a few years, but I spent a year or two buying football cards at the beginning of college.  Shepard wasn't a Cowboy long, but I'll take any Cowboys I can get.

The Bad
I would normally show you all the Redskins here, maybe throw in the 49ers, Eagles and Giants too.  However, in light of recent events, the bad in this repack is apparently

Yup, I got two of them.  Back to back.  Maybe they're trying to dump all of their Muhammad Ali Ray Rice cards.

The Ugly

Redskins could go here too...

Ugly designs.

Some of the Rest

 This could be in the ugly pile too.  8 different card products from 1991 alone in the repack.  This doesn't even have Topps base.  I had gotten out again by this time.  And I'm kinda glad I did.

I wasn't back into collecting yet in 2011, but I've liked this design on the baseball side.  And while I think its rather weak to use the same design for both sports, I think the design works real well on the football side too.

Then again, I kinda like the competition design too.  It kinda has an early 90's feel to it or I might like it even more.

I really don't have any desire to collect football cards other than maybe trying to complete some sets like 1982 and 1983, or start getting some vintage (I have a complete 1981 set).

On the other hand, I can't seem to get enough Cowboys cards.  If anybody collects a particular team, I have a couple of other repacks so let me know.


  1. I will gladly take all your Redskins for my Cowboys of the same era (if I have many left). Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com

  2. At least I only got one of those Rice cards in my most recent football repack.