Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Angels from Brad

I got a package the other day from Brad over at the aptly name Brad's Blog.  I had sent off some extra red foil parallels and I guess he wanted to say thanks. (If anybody wants/needs any red foil, let me know and I'll see what I have)

Brad sent me a bunch of Angels, so let's look at some highlights.

Chromy-ness!  Ariel Pena made it to AAA in 2011, then was included as one of the three players sent to Milwaukee for the Zack Greinke rental in 2012.  He still hasn't made the majors. 

Here's some ill-advised contracts.  One from 2007 and one more recent.  I knew the Pujols deal would be a problem for the last 5 years of the contract, but I didn't realize he would break down so quickly.  He's still an above average productive ML hitter.  But he's not $25 million a year anymore.

Who doesn't like Heritage and Gypsy Queen?  Although, without the blogosphere, I'd never have any GQ myself.  I hear this year's Heritage is out now?  1966 isn't as universally well loved as 1965, but I think I might go get myself some.

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