Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Card Numbering Take 3

Okay, I have one last post in my ongoing series of posts about Topps' numbering systems.  1978-1979 was the first I noticed, then 1983-1984.  Finally we come to 1989-1990. 

team card/manager

There are a few less exact matches

more pitchers

Through 1991

middle of lineup guys
but there are plenty of near misses to make it apparent Topps was re-using a template of sorts.  Other close ones are 17/16, 42/43, 68/65, 129/130, 190/187, 216/215, 243/244, 270/272, 332/334, 362/363, 455/458, 576/575, 602/603, 632/635, 649/650, 679/675, 708/705, and 761/762 (1989 first in all pairs).  In fact, I think there more pairs overall in 1989-1990 than in the other years.

That's all the coincidences I've found so far.  I don't know why I find that interesting, but I do.


  1. It interests me. I feel a post coming on ... or maybe not.