Thursday, August 21, 2014

And one more time

Okay, one last post about Donruss card numbering

I don't know if anybody else is interested in this kind of thing, but I'm a numbers guy so of course clearly I find it interesting.

At any rate, after repeating card number patterns in 1982-1983, and 1984-1986, Donruss did it one more time.

In 1989-1990.

There's the right side of the infield for a year or two.

I think this was around the nadir of quality for Donruss, when you take into account card stock, design, and mass production.

You could probably go back to around 1987 and forward to 1991 when you talk about forgettable Donruss offerings.

Never a big fan of either of these guys.  Nothing against them either.  Just, eh.

Another player moving down a number in the succeeding year.  Joyner 52-94 and McCaskill 136-170.

Downing there was Mr. Angel before Tim Salmon came along, so he has a special place in the PCs for me.

There's the left side of the infield for a few years.

Run on pitchers.

There's Trevor's big brother.  Sherman is no relation to Doug Corbett, who has an infamous place in the 1986 ALCS.

Maybe Donruss back-loaded their sets with the pitchers?

Kent's brother is one of the few Phillies I have in my new favorite set.

Why did the Angels love sluggers who were no longer sluggers?

Okay, I'll quit with the Donruss numbering now.

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  1. Here in Red Sox land, over the years we've displayed a fascination with aging sluggers too. We also like to sign Jeremy Giambi instead of Jason, Mike Maddux instead of Greg, etc.