Saturday, August 2, 2014

More than Dimes..

I recently asked for some help in ridding myself of some 2014 dupes.  Dime Box Nick sent me a want list, and of course Topps collation seemed to have gotten us with the some of the same wants.  But I sent off a few cards to him.

In that original post I said I didn't necessarily need anything in return, but as bloggers always seem to do, Nick decided to send back some cards.  When I got the envelope in the mail I thought "cool, he'll hit some of my 2014 needs too".


Way wrong.

A 1969 Deckle Edge!  That card alone was far more than I ever could have expected .

But there was more.

A card of my favorite Angel, and I didn't have it.

2013 Archives SP.  There's alot to like here.  The franchise's first MVP.  And current hitting coach.  On the 1979 design.  I'm (very) slowly attempting to finish off the 1979 set.  I've always liked that design.  Even if it is a bit understated.

This card just screams "Nick". 

You've got sweaty Reggie and "What are you looking at?" Reggie.

Three year progression of Wally World parallels.  Hey Topps, I'm one of the biggest parallel supporters, but let's keep the number of different parallels in the single digits, okay?

If I have a Halo Rickie, there's about a 99% chance Nick sent it to me.  I think he's the only player who actually looked good in the Disney-era unis.

As a kid, I had no idea what to do with Pacific Legends.  As an adult, I love the Angels in these sets.  That design is actually pretty good. 

And then there's the horizontal of the best player in baseball, and a faux-rizontal of Upper Deck patting itself on the back. (Whoever came up with faux-rizontal, step forward.  Brilliant).

Thanks Nick, you have outdone yourself. Again.


  1. Glad you liked them! The Bailes is definitely one of the goofiest cards around.