Monday, December 8, 2014

I'll be your excuse too..

The mailman has been good to the house of Junk Wax recently.  I've had a couple of packages come in from generous bloggers and my collection is all the better for it.

Last month Tom over at Waiting 'til Next Year picked up a huge lot of 1984 Topps.  And he was left with 60% of a set.  I knew I had to send some cards to help towards completion.  It's always good to see a post where I can think "I can help!"

Tom decided to send me a bunch of cards from 2013 and 2014 Topps base.  I doubt anybody is as excited to see those cards as I was to get them into my growing set.  He didn't stop there.  He also sent me some needs from 1991 and 1992 Topps.

But he didn't stop there.  He sent off some extra Cubs for me to move towards set completion.  Ike Hampton up top there is in a Tidewater Tides uniform, but he was traded to the Angels in March of 75.

Rod Carew is my oldest PC, but I still have plenty of cards I need.  Here's one of the last from his playing days.  And a Fleer sticker of Gary Pettis?  I'm in.

A minor league Angel.  Nice.  The Angels drafted Herndon in 2006, but lost him to the Phillies in the minor league draft in December of 2009.  He spent 2010, 2011, and April of 2012 in the Phillies bullpen.  He must have been hurt, because he didn't play the rest of 2012 at all, and never returned to the majors.

I like Allen & Ginter.  A lot.  But I just can't bring myself to buy it.  I like a little more bang for my buck.  So I rely mainly on the generosity of bloggers to obtain these things.

Opening Day is another product I don't buy.  I bought a bunch of it last year, but I just can't justify buying a repeat of base.  One or the other Topps, one or the other.

Pitcher Yency Almonte made it out of Rookie ball in 2014.  But he's only 20, so he still has time.  Oh and his brother has apparently also played in the minor leagues for 8 seasons as an outfielder.

I had already received a Rainbow foil parallel of this card from a group break (although it looks black to me), and now I have the base card to go with it.

With the exception of Ryan, Panini is getting my cartoon fix all taken care of.  Have I mentioned lately that it would be a good thing to give Panini a license?  Competition is a good thing MLB.

I should say thanks to Tom.  And I truly am grateful.  But the reality is that Tom was just using me as an excuse to head down to his LCS. 

I feel so taken advantage of.


  1. I love using other bloggers to give me an excuse to make a run to my LCS. Thanks for being the fall guy!

  2. Hey Jeff! Finally moved in (ish) and got a little stack of 79's for you. Send me your new address, I think I misplaced it.