Monday, December 15, 2014

That works out

I got a package in the mail about a week and a half ago from Kerry over at Cards on Cards.  I've kinda dragged my feet a little on posting about it for a couple of reasons.  First, the package was pretty big, there were 3 team bags full of cards.  Second, I've been working a bit, and last I've frankly been procrastinating.

But I think the timing has worked out pretty well.  By posting now, I can pimp a contest he just put up.  If you like college football and/or picking bowl games, head over and enter.

Also, my Cowboys had a huge win last night against a very strong team that quite possibly will turn out to be an elimination game for the two teams involved.  And it was against Kerry's EaglesThese cards came from a time when I wasn't collecting football cards (and was almost out of baseball cards too), so these will get a happy home.  Is there ever a card of Tom Landry that isn't awesome?

There's some Cowboys from their Super Bowl teams, and some from the current incarnation.  I think the Cowboys showed last night some heart for the first time in years.  Can't say enough how excited I was with the win.

But even though Kerry and I are fans of rival teams, there is always common ground somewhere:

So that was just some of the first team bag.  The other two team bags were roughly themed too.

Oddballs.  I actually had all the box bottoms from 1986.  In full panels and cut.  I bought lots of boxes in 1986.  I don't know what happened to them all.  I'd never heard of the Hills Team MVPs set, so that's always a good add.  And another new Ryan for that PC.

Are the paint splotches supposed to line up like that on the 1990 Classic cards?  We had a Kay-Bee card in the last scan, and a Toys "R" Us card in this one.  And again, this is only part of the "oddball" themed team bag.

The third bag had more Angel goodness for me.

Can't go wrong with parallel Halos.  You've got your overpaid players parallels in the top row and your Chris parallels in the second.  I never buy Chrome, so the generosity of the blogosphere is my main means of acquisition.

I had to go figure out what that Vlad was.  Its a "Flapper Card" insert from 2008 Opening day.  You can kinda see the perforations in the scan, and it opens up.  I don't think I will open, but I don't know why.  And again, there were many more Angels in the bag.

If I was forced to choose a favorite card though..

A new Carew.  Awesome.

Thanks again Kerry.

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  1. Nice. That Hill's in new to me too. Is that 1966 style Dave Winfield a dupe by any chance?