Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ironic Progress

1986 was my first year of mass purchasing baseball cards.  I hand collated a Topps set, and later acquired my step-brother's collection which included darn near another set.  (I have more doubles of these than I want to admit)

1987 was a repeat of 1986.  Buying boxes of Topps at Price Club can really boost a set.

I almost hand collated a 1989 Topps set, then somewhere along the way acquired a factory set.  I actually don't remember where I got it.  Maybe my mass Craig's list deal?  (Seriously, anybody who needs some of these, they're yours.  Just take them)

I'm only 2 cards away from completing the 1990 Topps set, although to be honest I've gotten help with that set in recent years.  I was buying more Fleer that year for some reason.

But for whatever reason, I never really finished off my 1988 set.   I remember trying to trade with a neighbor kid, but until recently I was only at about 2/3 of the set.  Fellow Angel collector Tom decided to help me out.  Tom has sent me many Angels in the past, but he went all set builder on me this time:

I actually have that Ryan there, but he's one of my main PCs, so the card is in that binder.

Tony Gwynn there is in my Gwynn PC too.  Funny thing about some of these cards.  I'd swear I had that Nixon and Niedenfuer.  The Wine up there too.  But I didn't.

Add Nokes to the list of "I didn't have that card?  Really?"  I know I've seen it many times.  (Who am I kidding?  We have all seen these many times.  That's why it's junk wax)

There was two more cards for a total of 29, which was about 2/3 of my list.  I only need 14 more.  Problem is, what the heck do I send Tom?  He has every Angel card I do I'm sure.  Hopefully I can figure something out.

Thanks again Tom.