Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Progress and a bonus

I mentioned it recently, but I still find it odd that a self professed set builder like me had sets from the junk wax era that weren't complete.  Then again, most of my sets from the 80's are 60-80% complete so maybe its not ironic. 

At any rate, Bert from Swing and A Pop-Up decided to further along some set building for me.

That Tanana is another card that I actually had in a PC, so its nice to get one into my set.  I remember how big a deal the Leiter error was at the time.

Add the Lind card to the list "I didn't have that?".  Bert also sent along a Sammy Sosa card from 1990 Topps.  I'm now only one card from completing each set (along with a variation).  Nice airbrushing on the Landrum card.  Its funny how that was kinda the norm in the 80's (mostly Traded sets, but base at times too), compared to the photoshopping we get nowadays. 

As I said, I've always considered myself a set builder.  But I can see my focus shifting (hmmmm, future post?).  I just don't see the point in building any sets after say...1992 or so.  Just way too much out there to choose from.  As a result, I've become much more of an Angel collector.  And to that end, Nick dropped a PWE on me the other day (this is the "bonus" part)

The Upper Deck icons card is a pretty sharp looking card.  I remember my cousin having Kellog's cards when I was young.  And I've seen and envied plenty of them in the blogosphere.  But I've never had one.  Until now. 

Thanks to both of you generous bloggers.

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