Friday, February 14, 2014

Jim Fregosi 1942-2014

I typically don't do in memorium type stuff, but Jim Fregosi meant alot to the Angels' franchise history.

Fregosi was drafted by the Angels from the Red Sox in the expansion draft.

He got his first taste of the majors in 1961 as a 19 year old.

He established himself as a regular in 1963.

From 1963 to 1970, he was an All-Star 6 times,

received MVP votes every year,

and won a Gold Glove in 1967.

Before Brian Downing came along, Fregosi was the Angels' career leader in just about everything.

If I'm not mistaken, he is still the Angels' career leader in triples.


In December of 1971, the Mets decided he could solve their third base problem.

Even on his way out, Fregosi helped the franchise, delivering the immortal Frank Estrada Nolan Ryan.

Fregosi retired as an active player in mid-1978, to return to Anaheim as the Angels' manager.  In 1979 he led the club to the first post-season in franchise history.

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  1. The Manager of the 1993 Phillies as well, shame he passed away so suddenly