Friday, February 28, 2014

This Way to my Mailbox

It was a good week at the mailbox here in the land of junk wax.  I got a few bubble mailers, including two on Monday.  What a great way to start the week.  Baseball Cards!

The first mailer came from Mark over at This Way to the Clubhouse.  (I can almost guarantee I'm not the first blogger to use this post title).    I saw a couple cards on his blog and asked about them. 

He sent me the Slayer parallel (yup, that's what I'm calling them, it makes sense to me, click the link.  I'll wait) of Garret Richards' 2014 card.  These things look better in person.  I'll trade the slime parallels and mustard parallels for these any day. 

Mark also sent along the Super Veteran insert of Albert Pujols.  This is still the only insert I have any interest in this year.  And this one happens to be an Angel (1/2 Angel?), so that's a win.

That's all I was really expecting.  But Mark didn't stop there.  He sent along a big stack of my 2014 base set needs.  I won't bother scanning them because a) everybody has seen them recently and b) I'm still mad at Topps for their collation this year (real or perceived.  Doesn't matter).

But Mark didn't stop there.

I made a comment to him about Topps base cards from the time I was away from the hobby.  I've decided to put together an album with just Topps base set Angels from 1961 to the present.  These will go right in there.

As will these.  My cousin (not technically my cousin, but my aunt is his godmother, and I've literally known him since I was born.  So, close enough) went to high school with Matt Walbeck.  Sat behind him on the bench of the baseball team too.

And parallels, sort of.  The emerald green from last year.  And I almost think of Opening Day as a parallel of the base set.  I mean they're kinda redundant.  But its an Angel, so I'm all for it.

Thanks again Mark.


  1. \m/ SLAYER!! \m/ Horns up! Metal rules. Love that moniker, though most of my collector friends won't get it either.