Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mailbox time

Is there anything cooler than opening the mailbox and seeing a handwritten envelope in there?  Seems like everything that shows up in there is just bills right?  So the handwritten stands out.

When I see a handwritten envelope, I walk back to the door a little faster.  I know what's in there!  Can't wait to open up the envelope.  Baseball Cards!.   But I won't do it until I get in the house.  Gotta keep them safe. 

My most recent PWE comes courtesy of everyone's favorite dime boxer, Nick.

An insert of former Angel Mark Trumbo.  Not too big on inserts, but if its an Angel, I'm all in.  He goes nicely with the Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson cards I've gotten from the same set.  Trumbo was made expendable because as a 1B/DH type, he had to vie for playing time with the other 14 1B/DH types on the roster.

Gold parallel of Garrett Richards.  This guy and a couple of the young pitchers that the Angels got back for the aforementioned Trumbo are the key to the Angels' season this year.   The pitching was awful last year.

And finally....ummm......wait a minute.  Let me try something.

Eh.  That's a tad better.  Brian Downing was the Angels' career leader in almost every category before the arrival of Tim Salmon.  So he's definitely one of my main PCs.  This card will actually go right into my Angels Frankenset, the first Sportflics to be enshrined.  

Thanks again Nick.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the envelope! The Downing was a recent repack pull that I thought you'd like.