Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All the way to my mailbox

Now I'm re-using title ideas.

I recently posted about a couple packages I received on the same day, but I also got another package a day or two later.  Marcus from all the way to the backstop contacted me and offered to send me cards for my 2014 Topps base set.  He even threw in the "Don't worry about sending anything in return" line (although I do have a smattering of things to send back).  If anybody out there has a stack of doubles and a want list, let me know.

In addition to all the 2014s he sent me, he also included some other gems.

I've sent off all the "Power Players" I've pulled, but this one I'm keeping.  I'm unwittingly creating a Richards rainbow (interestingly no base card):

There were some Trouts:

I had the red bullseye parallel of the "2012 AL ROY" card, but not the base card.  That 2012 Bowman looks an awful lot like his 2014 Topps base card.

There were some retro unis:

That Vaughn is yet another new to me set from the era when I wasn't collecting cards.  Ryan there is #3 in my Angels Frankenset.

But Marcus didn't just send me Angels.

Anthony Keith (what?  I said I read the backs of cards...including 80's Donruss) is one of my longest standing PCs.  These cards are pretty sharp looking with the green marble border.

But there were more Padres

Two stars I can cross of my 1979 want list.

And then there was this:

This thing is outstanding.  And totally new to me.  Ironic that a card from a haircutting franchise shows (almost) no actual hair on the card.  From the perforations I'm guessing that it was either attached to other players, or maybe more advertising?
(Update 3/5: I just now realized that it opens at the perforation.  Duh.)

Thanks again Marcus.