Thursday, March 6, 2014

Group break results (Quick post)

I have seen many blog posts about 2014 Donruss.  I must say that I kinda liked the design.  I've thought that the border is a bit wide, but otherwise it was pretty decent.  But I really had no desire to buy packs of the stuff.  As I've said, I'm pretty much limiting myself to one set a year.  So when I saw that Cardboard Collections was hosting a group break, I thought "Hey, perfect.  I can get Angels."  And really, outside of my set building, I just want Angels.  So I signed up (I was assigned the Padres randomly).

There's my haul.  Two Trouts for my PC.  The Pujols is a "Press Proof" and is number to /99.  I've seen comments on the glossy fronts, pro and con.  I like it.  These aren't meant to be old Donruss throwbacks.  But they are meant to be reminiscent of an old design, just a nod to the past really. 

I think Panini had to reach to do write ups on the back for Pujols and Hamilton.  They trotted out Hamilton's last 30 games (conveniently forgetting his horrible first 121 games).  And they cherry-picked Pujols' 3 interleague games against the Cubs (conveniently fogetting his other 96 games).

But there was more.

I've been asked a couple of times by bloggers about my use of the Cowboys star as my avatar.  The simple answer is that while baseball is my favorite sport, the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite sports team.  Colbey must have been paying attention.

Unexpected Cowboy bonus!  That Dutton comes from my favorite football set, 1982 Topps.  That was first year Topps had the NFL license, so Topps made sure to put the logos front and center.  Staubach is of course an all time great.  Miles Austin might just be on his way out the door, thanks in part to the emergence of Terrance Williams there.  And Dez is possibly the most gifted receiver in the game.

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