Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is what Not Heritage looks like

Stopped by the red parallel store on the way home from work.  I really did need other stuff, but to be honest I was there for some Heritage.  There.  I said it.  And I finally found some.  And I bought it.  20 cards for $6.  I probably won't be buying any more.  Which is weird, because I really like the product.  Good design, nice feel.  I'm just a product of the junk wax era.  I don't want to spend $6 for only 20 cards. 

But that's not what I'm going to post about now.  After I grabbed my Heritage I was about to go check out.  Then I saw those plastic boxes of cards.  100 cards for $4.  You all know the ones.  4 cents a card is right up my alley.  After all, my first summer of collecting was cello packs of 1982 Fleer.  30 cards for 50 cents (or less maybe).  I've been passing on by these for awhile now, because I always get stuck with a crapload of 1987 and 1989 Topps.  Don't need 'em, don't want 'em, don't have the room for 'em.  But the fronts of these had 2010 Topps on the front.  Hmmmm.  So I flipped one over, and saw

Well, not the 1989 Fleer specifically.  I saw the 2012 Update pack and a pack behind it.  Unopened packs?  Okay, let's try this.  Yeah, I'm the only guy left who doesn't have any 2012 Update.  I rooted around until I saw this on the front of one:

There's my box.  Unopened pack on the back.  New to me Angel card on the front.  Let's see the highlights (for me at least):

Behind Vladdy on side 1, there were

some 2012 Topps.  Really, 2012 is a highlight?  Well, yeah.  Quick (hopefully) background.  I'm at my aunt's house for Easter in 2012 with my daughters.  She takes the girls to go shopping, and brings back 2 packs of 2012 Topps as my "Easter basket".  I hadn't bought any cards in literally 15-20 years.  But I liked these.  And the interest in cards started to come back a bit.  I didn't buy any more cards that year, but I did in 2013, and here I am blogging (well, pretending I'm a blogger anyway).  Moving on.
*1992 Pinnacle Gary Gaetti - It's an Angel. Yay!  It's the Rat.  Boo!
*couple of random cards, then
I kinda like minor league cards now.  This was before the Angels were affiliated with the Travelers, but look.   It's a pitcher batting.


*couple random cards
*5 1987 Topps, woohoo
*random cards
*1989 Topps, yippee

I know there's a certain blogger out there who wants this card.  But I'm keeping it.  I'm not showing it to tease, but because a) it's an Angel I don't have and b) best uniform the Angels wore.  But you can't see it.  Oh well

So its a mirror?  I don't get it.  Denny's was giving away baseball card/mirrors with Grand Slams?

*1987 Topps
*1990 Donruss
*2 1989 Topps

 Love these!  These were sort of oddball to me back when I was collecting.  I think they only showed up in cello packs or rack packs.  I didn't buy those often so I never had many.  Now, they make up the most redeeming part of these re-pack dealys.  Ripken there goes into my PC, the rest might make me try to finish the set.

On to side 2

More 80's Topps/oddballishness.  I'm coming to enjoy these sets in general, and this one in particular more and more over time.

Why show 2010 Topps?  Mostly Mr. Mathis up there goes into my new "Topps Angels base sets 1961-present" binder.  But he didn't feel like being alone.

Hey Junk Wax, you're showing 1986 Fleer?  Seriously??  Well, yeah.  It's Update!  Somebody must have broken the boxed set to get Bonds out.  I'll take remainders.

*random cards
*2 1987 Topps
*random cards
*2 1979 Topps.  I have both, but I bet they're both upgrades.  Nice

These are those little cards with stickers on the back.  Ryan will go in my PC, but the rest?  eh.  The Carters are variations though.  One has Doug Drabek and some Indian on the reverse.  The other has Gary Redus and Cecil Espy (I think).

Then the packs.  I'm not opening the 1989 Fleer.  I have a factory set.  If anybody wants the pack, speak up.  Otherwise I might stick it on Listia.  As for the 2012 Update:

12 cards.  Here are the 9 regular cards in the pack.  No Angels.  I do like the surfboard design though.

I guess the Golden Giveaway counts as a card?  What a rip-off.  Wait, its Topps.  So.  Yeah. 

All in all, I did about as well as I could expect from a re-pack.


  1. Nice repack! I'm convinced the people in charge of these things have thousands of copies of that Bazooka Wade Boggs lying around. I pulled one from a repack I opened a couple days ago, and I've gotten one from the past three our four I've busted.

    1. There was also one of those black border "Babe Ruth Collection" cards in there. I think it was you who said you liked them?

  2. I recognize that hockey card. Dody Wood was a Seattle Thunderbird who would split time between the San Jose Sharks and mostly the Kansas City Blades. Not much of a scorer, but definitely a tough guy.

    1. But not much of a baseball player. 8)

  3. I don't have the Boggs Bazooka card.