Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I recently sent off an SP from 2014 Heritage to Douglas of Sportscards From the Dollar Store.  I wish I was better at tailoring trade packages, but I'm pretty much a "read the want list, send the cards" type.  There's an art to filling up trade packages and some bloggers out there are artists.  Me?  Left-brained.

At any rate, I was interested in some dupes he had mentioned in one of his posts.

I don't remember knowing about Leaf as a kid collecting in the 80's.  I knew about O-Pee Chee, but Leaf?  not so much.  So these are pretty cool.  It's almost the 80's version of parallels, no?  Johnny Ray seems to be pulling away from Mark McLemore, but what do you expect?  McLemore was out for his job.

I would have been happy with that in trade.  But as the blogging community has shown over and over, there was more.

Two needs from my 2012 inserts.  Its funny that I like this set so much.  I hand collated the 1987 set back in 1987 and I want to scream whenever I've pulled the 18th 1987 Topps out of a repack, but I liked this set immediately. (I wonder how Night Owl is doing in getting pages for these produced?)

And of course there was a good stack of about 15 Angels too.

Some Donruss from my time away from the hobby.   I think this set is pretty sharp.  Understated.

Player collections!  Love getting Tim Salmons.  And Mr. Trout is still the best player in the game.  Although, I'm kinda bipping myself with that TFIN insert this year.

Thanx Douglas.

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