Sunday, May 18, 2014


Phil Nevin was a standout College Baseball player.  He won the 1992 Golden Spikes Award, signifying the best amateur player in the country.

He appeared in the 1992 Olympics for Team USA.  And he did all of this as an infielder.

He was slected first overall by the Houston Astros, and when he made the majors, he was still a 3rd baseman. 

But the Detroit Tigers started playing him a little bit behind the plate.

And when the Angels acquired him, they made him a catcher.  Which is a huge change.  To go left on the defensive spectrum is pretty rare.  To be converted to catcher in the majors is somewhat unheard of.  (I'm sure there are others. But very few and/or 100 years ago).

I am starting a new position tomorrow.  It's technically a lateral move, but it has much more potential for advancement.  I've spent a long time in my current department, and I'm very good at what I do (I don't say that out of ego, it just happens to be true).   There are a variety of reasons I've stayed so long, mostly my daughters and the stability my schedule has afforded me.  But my little one is going into high school next year.  And they don't need me around quite so much.  So its time to make a move and start moving up again.  I'm sure at some point Nevin realized his ticket to staying in the majors was a drastic change.  Likewise, if I plan to keep advancing it's time to make a move.  I'm going to a department I have worked in in the past.  But there's still some trepidation.  Time to go out and prove myself in a new area.  I've proven myself in my old department.  My schedule will change alot.  And I won't write my own.  But I'll have more opportunities to get to the post office in the mornings to mail out packages, instead of having to wait until Fridays. 

Here's to you Phil.