Thursday, May 8, 2014


In case anybody hasn't seen ESPN lately, today is the first round of the NFL Draft.

My Cowboys hold the #16 pick in the draft.  This is only the second the Cowboys have had the #16 pick. 

No, don't have this card
The Cowboys took a Linebacker in the 1961 draft.  He never played for the Cowboys, having signed with the Dallas Texans of the rival AFL.

But there's hope at 16.

The Cowboys held the #17 pick in the 1985 draft and were all set to take this guy.  Then the 49ers traded up to 16 and stole him.  The Cowboys took a defensive lineman that registered 12.5 sacks in 4 years with the team. 

Luis Sharpe was a starter for 13 years for the Cardinals, making 3 Pro-Bowls.  The Cowboys took a defensive back at #25 in 1982 that lasted 2 years with the team.

Clayborn was a starting corner for 14 years, also making 3 Pro-Bowls.  The Cowboys took a HOF Running Back at #2 in 1977. 

So there should be good NFL players available to the Cowboys at #16.  I just hope Jerry doesn't screw it up and go for fanfare

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  1. So the Cowboys took a solid offensive lineman. He wasn't a reach at the time they took him. But there were so many other needs on the other side of the ball....