Monday, May 12, 2014

Swing and A Home Run

I recently sent Bert over Swing and a Pop-Up a couple Red Sox oddballs.  Mostly because, a) Red Sox vs. Angels in the postseason <shudder> and b) I wasn't gonna complete those sets so I didn't have a particular attachment.  But mostly a.  I just wanted to exorcise some Red Sox demons....

Well, Bert decided send some set needs back.

He got me down to only 3 2014 Series 1 cards (I have no sparkle variations.... I think).  I'm sure he especially delighted in this card:

Yup.   That's former Angel and now World Champion Red Sox (Red Sock?) Mike Napoli.

And he also sent along

The corrected Al Leiter card (speaking of variations).  This brings me down to one measly 1988 Topps card to complete my set. (note: I actually have the card, but its in a PC at the moment.  Maybe I should move it?).

Thanks again Bert.

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  1. You're welcome...and yes, those Red Sox World Series cards are my favorites of the set.