Thursday, October 30, 2014

My week

So my Dallas Cowboys played their only Monday Night game of the year this week.  I had to work, so I couldn't watch it.  And they lost.

But when I got home, there was a trade package waiting for me in the mail box.  With a bunch of Cowboys cards in it (future trade post).  Irony.  And I had sent of Redskins to get them.  Bonus Irony.

But my email account was gone.  Ugh.  Turns out when I moved, they cancelled the old account and created a new account.  So I called to have the old email address added to the new account.  No problem they said.  In 24-72 hours.

So I've been without email access for two days.  I stopped on the way home to grab a couple of school lunch supplies.  And threw a rack pack of Update in my basket.  (You know where this is going right?)

Out of the 29 base cards in the pack, 13 were dupes <slaps head> and 9 of those 13 were my third copy of the card. Still have less than 1/3 of the set though.

But then this card came out.

So I guess it wasn't all bad.  Even though Trout will be overused in every product possible by Topps, I still like pulling Trout cards.  I still have a Trout PC, even if I have absolutely no chance of collecting even a small fraction of the Trouts out there.

Oh, and I had to call support again to get the email address working.  Seems it had been transferred to the new account, but it still wasn't working when I got home.  So if anybody sent me an email in the last two days and it bounced back, I'm back in business now.

I guess my question is - Am I being stupid for ripping packs?  Maybe I'm harkening back to the mid-late 80's.  If you wanted cards, you ripped packs.  Wax pack, rack packs, cello packs.  I like ripping packs.  But I don't remember this level of bad luck with dupes.


  1. Heck of a game Monday, eh? :) Glad the 'Boys et al made it to you.
    I got lucky with the first three rack/value packs (36 cards each) I got from the bullseye store. They were actually mostly all different, except for a run of about 7 cards in the back that were the same for two of them. It almost seems that you have to buy all your packs at the same time and get them back to back on the rack to avoid so much duplication. If you only get a couple at a time, it seems like one always totally duplicates one you got before.

  2. Cool insert. I pulled a couple, neither nearly as desireable as the Trout.

  3. I think I'm just going to sample a couple rack pack/hangers of Flagship and buy the rest I need off Just Commons from now on. That's what I did with Update this year. The risk of half the cards being dups in a pack is just too high with Topps's screwy collation now.

  4. If you can shoot me a want list for Update, I can send you over almost a blasters worth of the ones that I've pulled. I'm only keeping a few.