Friday, October 3, 2014


It wouldn't exactly be out of character for this blog to only have sporadic (or no) posts over the next week or two.  So when I say that is exactly what will happen, nobody should be surprised.

What is different is the reason for said inactivity.

I bought a house.  Been saving and searching for a couple years and finally got one that works.  Just a couple blocks from the place I'm renting, so my girls can stay in their school.  So the collection is about 80% boxed up at the moment.  And the scanner is about to be packed.  I didin't get time off from work until late next week and the following week, so I'm just taking boxes over at the moment.  (If I'm in your address book, drop me a line if you want the new address)

I'll just pretend that the Angels didn't lose the Royals last night...

I had a great post idea to show old stadiums and the new stadiums teams moved into.  You know, as a parallel to me moving into a new house....   That never really came about.

But I'll leave you with something I found kinda funny.  Just bought a lot on eBay to supplement my 1982 Topps football set (I'm only 27 cards away from completion).

I saw two cards that I just had to pair together.

There's all kinds of lines running through my head... the Ram surrendering to the Lion, etc.

I guess the fact I found that interesting shows how my mind works....


  1. Glad I saw this post. Once you get settled, send me your new addy so I can get some cards in the mail to break in the new house....

  2. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama