Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Settling in

So I got everything (almost everything) moved from the old place to my new house on Friday.  I had spent the better part of a week taking boxes over, so that my friends could just help me with the big stuff.

I have all my cards in a closet at the moment.  I'm still deciding on a plan for them.  But hopefully they will end up being more accessible than they were in the last place.  I had them under the bed, on shelves in a closet that wasn't easy to get into, all over the desk (of course), and on the floor.

The computer is all hooked up with internet (obviously) and the scanner is ready to go.

And just today I got my first package of cards addressed to the new house.  Feels like home now.

Robert from $30 a week hooked me up with a bunch of missing cards from 2014 Topps.  You've all seen them, so they're probably really only of interest to me.

But he also threw in a couple Angels for me.

I've said before that Topps has overdone the parallel thing.  But I've also said before that I'm a sucker for parallels.  So Mr. Downs is quite welcome here in the (new) land of Junk Wax.  Mark Harriger there never made it out of AA ball, and in fact his name isn't even hyper-linked over at The Trading Card Database.  Poor guy.  At least he has a page over at the BR bullpen.

But the star of the package is probably the 1997 Donruss Preferred - X-Ponential Power #6A Tim Salmon.  (Quite a mouthful huh?)  Its not only die-cut, but its clear too.  And it isn't teal.  I tried scanning it solo - still teal.  I tried scanning it sideways - still teal.  Its actually a shiny, refractory, metally looking card.   Its also card 6a.  6b is Jim Edmonds.  Why didn't they just make them cards 6 and 7?  That's the 90's I guess.

Thanks for thinking of me Robert!

Welp, time to go do some more unpacking.

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  1. I want to find a way to make my cards more accessible. Right now, all my binders and a box are in the garage in a cardboard moving box. Our house is pretty small, and we have two (soon to be three) kids, so the garage is probably the best place to keep them, but at least if they were on a shelf or something, it wouldn't seem so lame.

    Oh, and I voted baseball cards in the offseason. I'll follow the other sports by listening to talk radio or catching the occasional game, but nothing beats baseball, and I look at blogs/my collection/eBay more than I do any other sports.