Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So I finally got my hands on some Topps Update tonight.  I had been in a few blue parallel stores late last week - nothing.  I stopped in to a red bullseye store to pick up a couple of things tonight, and I grabbed a hanger box.

This was the first card showing in the cellophane.  And the Giants won tonight 7-1.  Take that for whatever you think it might mean.

But I happened to notice something.  I like looking at the backs of cards. 

Most of the card numbers look like this.  All smooshed in the corner to fit the US- before the number.  Although the Highlights card looks as though it has the swoosh shifted down a bit, allowing more room for the number to fit.


Then I noticed all of these.  The US is above the number.  And there's no - between the US and the number.

I know I know.  My OCD is kicking in here.  As it turns out, these are all All-Star Game cards.  So it appears Topps made the numbers for those cards different from the rest of the set.


Oh yeah.  And there was this..

C'mon man!


You may have noticed one of the highlights of the box for me there.

Yeah, there's too many Trout cards already.  I don't care.  I'll take them all.  Let's see some other highlights of the box..

Slayer parallel!  Yep, still love themI can't get enough of these.  Love 'em.

Pink parallel (#/50) of Amarista.  I guess that's a hit.  Amarista was a guy the Angels traded away.  The guy played 105 games in 2012 and 146 games in 2013.  So I'll give you a bonus "why?".  Why was Amarista not in the 2013 base set?  Or even the 2014 base set? 


  1. I've heard they misnumbered a couple of cards as well, meaning that there are skipped numbers and card numbers used for multiple cards. Sounds like this set shouldn't have passed QC, if there even is such a thing at Topps.

    1. I got two US-117 in my box. One was John Lackey (the correct number) and one was Bryan Holaday, who should be US-21

  2. Yeah, even as a non-Angels fan, I have a hard time arguing with more Mike Trout cards. Man! A Denorfia AND Amarista parallel in the same box? That would've been a dream for me, I just did a post on BOTH of those guys. Amarista was actually included in the Update set last year, FWIW.

  3. Hey man! Thanks for the Amarista card! Very cool of you! I'm digging through my trade box to scrounge up some Angels/wantlist cards that I can hopefully have out to you in a week or so.

    1. As much I like color parallels, I figure that one belongs with a Padre fan, especially one who posted about another version of that card. Maybe you'll get a good rainbow.