Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So I went in to Big Blue to grab a couple of things......

I think all of us in one way or another end up shopping for cards at the big box stores.  You ever take notice of where the card aisle is situated in the box stores?

The Big Blue I will typically go into to buy groceries has its card aisle on a register aisle that is never in use except for the busiest Christmas shopping days.  But its cards aisle is pretty sad.  I don't think they even have 2015 base yet.  And they never have marked down past years' product.

The Big Blue I was in today has its cad aisle on a register that is typically in use.  So you can't sit there and shop the aisle.  There's somebody standing there having their groceries rang up.  Its a decent card aisle, but I don't like the store itself.  Its busier, and I like the shoppers there even less the shoppers in other Big Blues.

There's a Bullseye store on the way home from work.  Their card aisle is away from any register, although well in view of the registers, I assume so the aisle can be watched.  And its a nice wide aisle.  Its pretty well stocked, but again, no marked down past years' products.

Anyway, I got rung up on the card aisle today and threw a box of cards in the order (the 72 card box, whatever you call that one).

I got 7 dupes.  I know I seem to harp on dupe-age, but I don't remember this much from when I was a kid.  Then again, maybe it was there and I just don't remember it.

I noticed something interesting

Hey, which blogger is doing the Horizontal Frankenset?

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  1. *Raises hand*

    Funny, I got each of those in my recent pack busting, too! The only one that made the frankenset cut was the Revere since it's number slot was empty.