Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Thoughts

I just bought my first 2015 Topps base.  So I guess that means its my turn to weigh in with my opinions.

But I'm just going to go over some thoughts I had while opening and sorting my cards.

First, they came in 36 card packs, but they weren't the long rack packs with 18 in each pocket.  36 in one pocket.  I like it.

Did Topps double print this card?  Seems like everyone is pulling it (not a scientific study).  Granted, it's a fitting tribute to the retiring star.   But I've never much of a Jeter fan.  I'm the one who has been saying he's over-rated for 20 years.  Then again, I guess I'm the one he's been proving wrong for 20 years.

I got 2 dupes.  But this isn't exactly a gripe.  Last year if I saw a dupe, the next 6-7 cards were also dupes.  The fact I only got 2, and they weren't consecutive, gives me hope that the collation will be better this year.  (C'mon Topps, you can do this)

Give me more of this

and this

and less of this.  I love looking at the backs of cards and seeing rows and rows of minor league stats.  I know absolutely nothing about Barnes' career, but I know all about Greene's.

Really Topps?  Gattis is a "Future Star"?  He exhausted his rookie status in 2013.  I don't know about anybody else, but he doesn't qualify for this subset.

The good - I pulled an Angels team card.  The bad - Topps picked Hamilton and Pujols to represent the team.  No and no.  Calhoun is great for the team card.  The whiff and the gimp are just wasting payroll at this point.

And finally, look at the team logo.  I know there's supposed to be circles around it.  But that's not what I see there when I'm shuffling through the cards.  Maybe I'm the only one who sees this, but those look like fingerprints to me.  I'm calling 2015 the Fingerprint Set.


  1. I was calling it the fingerprint set (or the sleuth set) when the previews came out last year. Although it is less noticeable in person. Overall, I love the set. Biggest pluses to me: less foil and big easy to read numbers on the back.

    1. Hopefully I didn't steal that from you then. It's not noticeable when you look right at it, moreso when you're looking at the rest of the card and its in your peripheral vision.

  2. I noticed the collation seems better this year as well. Not too much sequencing of cards, though I cannot say my purchases are a good indicator of that.

  3. I bought four loose packs and three rack packs and ended up with dups of at least a dozen different cards. Even got triples of a couple. That isn't right. Looks like you and I bought similarly-collated packs, because I think I pulled a copy of every single card you showed here. Yes, Jeter included.

    1. Collation was my biggest complaint last year. I was really hoping it would be better this year.

  4. Fingerprint set... I like that better than the sea turtle set.