Friday, January 17, 2014


Frankenset #594

I decided at some point along the way that team cards should have priority in my Angels frankenset. 

Card #594 is the Angels' team card from 2007 Topps.

2007 Topps is kinda like 1971 Topps..without the character.  Just black and dark.  What's funny to me about this card is the wall in front of the players.   The front row is just heads.  No real symmetry either.  Who was running the show here?

Vladimir Guerrero was clearly the star of the offense in 2006.  But Juan Rivera (.310/.362/.525), Mike Napoli (.228/.360/.455), and Orlando Cabrera (.282/.335/.404) had pretty good years too.  Ervin Santana led the team in wins and John Lackey was second in wins and first in ERA, but Jered Weaver came up in May and was the best pitcher on the staff. K-Rod had 47 saves out of the pen.

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