Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Insert Clever Title Here

(You ever run out of good titles?  I did)

So last month I offered up some of my overabundance of junk wax cards to Mark over at Collector's Crack.  He was interested so I made up a package of Brewers and Packers to send him.  (Yes, I have football cards too.  If you want some 80's football, especially 1981-1982 let me know!).  I sent them off with my usual "you can send back whatever you think its worth" message.

When I got a return package I thought I was stealing.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again - bloggers as a whole are so generous.  Let's take a look at some of the goodies:

Minis!  (They're not 75's so they don't get the N.O. treatment).  I have very few of these, maybe even just the one Mike Trout I've acquired I think.  I didn't realize how many different back variations of these things there are.  The Conger and Abreu cards in the top row are different backs.

2013 Heritage.  I know Topps is beating the retro design thing into the ground, but I really like these.  1964 is a real solid design I think.

Chromy goodness.  2010 was actually a pretty good design.  I know the Chrome cards curl, but I like them anyway.  And look - Kendry Chrome parallelness.

Oh yeah, there was football in there too.  Julius Jones goes from starter in Dallas to backup somewhere else to out of the league.  Shocker

Chromy football.  Everyone loves to pick on Romo.  He's not the problem in Big D.  The GM is the problem.  Felix Jones goes from starter in Dallas to backup somewhere else to... wait, what?

And there was another card (well there were more than just one, but I wanna talk about one specifically) in the package that just..... You ever see a card and just immediately call it a favorite?  I did that.  I appreciate all the cards in the package.  Really.  But one card....  I've never collected for value.  "Hits" don't really intrigue me.  I just collect what I like.

I like this!  I'm not 100% sure what it really is.  Insert in 2010 Topps Chrome I think?  Seriously, if this was all I got back, I still would have been more than happy.  Tony Dorsett was my first (along with Danny White I suppose) childhood favorite player.  Ask my mom who Tony Dorsett is.  She'll say "The guy running all over my son's wall" as a kid.  I don't know if I'll ever get the actual Tony rookie card, but this card is really sharp.

I think I'll need to go peruse the want lists over at Collector's crack again.  I need to even this up.

Thanks again Mark.

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