Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I bought some

Yeah, I bought some Series 1.  I needed milk and a few things anyway, so I just got them at the red parallel store on the way home.  I bought two of the $5 36 card packs.  I won't bother with a product review, I think it's all been said.  I'll just post a couple thoughts on each pack

Pack 1:

Got two Angels.  Got Mike Trout in my first pack of the year.  That's promising.

Two former Angels.   That "Future Stars" thing on Segura there looks like a 1989 card.  And did I miss what was going on with Carlos Villanueva there?  His uni isn't retro, but apparently his facial hairstyle is?

I got a hit.  Game used! woohoo! (sarcasm).  Anybody collect Marlins?  Anybody?  I generally don't like inserts.  This pack had a "The Future is Now" (Boring), a "Upper Class" (eh), but I kinda like the "Super Veteran" thing there.  Then again, that's stolen from 1983 Topps, which is right in my wheelhouse.

Lime green?? boo.  And Peavy there isn't a base card.  "Power Players"?

Pack 2:
2 more Angels.

I like this red sparkly parallel.  Its redder in person.  The one insert I did like the last two years was the 1987 and 1972/71 minis.  But this thing?  eh.  Pack 2 was less exciting.  Another "The Future is Now" and another "Upper Class".  If anybody wants an insert, let me know.


  1. Hey Jeff, I can use that Peavy "Power Players" if you'd be interested in cooking up another trade. I also need some 2014 Topps base if you have any extras, I'm planning on putting a want list together sometime tomorrow.

  2. Boy, pretty good start for the Angels team set. These aren't out at my local Target yet.

  3. Howdy! I'd be interested in the Raines mini. Drop me a line!