Monday, January 27, 2014


Returning to the land of the living here in Junk Wax land.  So I'll do a quick post with two tangentially related ideas.

I recently won a couple of auctions on eBay (hint: that's the link), which showed up the other day.  Guess how much I paid for these guys:

There's a slight paper loss on Mr. Hamlin there. 

And there are the lightest creases that I literally have to hold in the light just right to see.

So how much did I pay?

For 53 year old cards?

52 cents.


I'm pretty happy with that.  Not exactly Dime Box, but I'll take Quarter Box.

And now for idea number 2...
I won an auction on eBay back on December 10.  I just now realized that I never got it.  How long is too long to say anything?  Is it too late to ask about the card?

"Hey, I won an auction forever ago......"

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  1. no, it is not too late. let the seller know you didnt receive the card, they probably didnt send it, and will refund your $. if he/she's a jerk about it, post them their appropriate feedback if you know what I mean. just dont mention it to them before you do, cuz they will get ebay to remove it.