Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sure, why not?

I found myself in a blue parallel store after work the other night.  Its very interesting who you see there at 11pm, but that's a different story.

I found myself on the card looking to scratch the pack busting itch.  I didn't want to buy any 2014 base because even though I don't have either series complete, I'm at the point of diminishing returns.  More dupes is not on the agenda.

Then I saw this:

My first thought was "$1.98?  Sure, why not?"

My second thought was "2008?  Have these been floating around the store for 6 years?"

If you'll notice the packs says "34 cards plus 2 Rookie Debut cards".  That's not what I got.  I got 33 base cards, 2 different inserts, and 1 card that I think is from a different UD product.

So let's see the highlights:

Ok, that's not fair.

I actually have some of the Angels from this set already, courtesy of a big eBay lot I bought.  But all three of these are new to me.  This set harkens back to early Stadium Club for me.  I think its actually a pretty sharp design. Clean look, full color bleed, glossy stock.

These are the inserts I got instead of the Rookie Debut inserts.  Is it possible the pack was searched a re-sealed?  Eh..not the end of the world.

This card is apparently from 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy, which as far as I know is separate from 2008 Upper Deck.  Then again, I was long out of the hobby in 2008, so what do I know?

I guess that will get rid of the pack-busting itch.  For a little while anyway. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

And one more time

Okay, one last post about Donruss card numbering

I don't know if anybody else is interested in this kind of thing, but I'm a numbers guy so of course clearly I find it interesting.

At any rate, after repeating card number patterns in 1982-1983, and 1984-1986, Donruss did it one more time.

In 1989-1990.

There's the right side of the infield for a year or two.

I think this was around the nadir of quality for Donruss, when you take into account card stock, design, and mass production.

You could probably go back to around 1987 and forward to 1991 when you talk about forgettable Donruss offerings.

Never a big fan of either of these guys.  Nothing against them either.  Just, eh.

Another player moving down a number in the succeeding year.  Joyner 52-94 and McCaskill 136-170.

Downing there was Mr. Angel before Tim Salmon came along, so he has a special place in the PCs for me.

There's the left side of the infield for a few years.

Run on pitchers.

There's Trevor's big brother.  Sherman is no relation to Doug Corbett, who has an infamous place in the 1986 ALCS.

Maybe Donruss back-loaded their sets with the pitchers?

Kent's brother is one of the few Phillies I have in my new favorite set.

Why did the Angels love sluggers who were no longer sluggers?

Okay, I'll quit with the Donruss numbering now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Look at that

Well, well.  Guess who has the best winning percentage in baseball.

Yup.  The Angels have caught the A's.  We'll see where this thing ends up.  But for now, the Angels are right there at the top.

And we all know that part of the reason is that the best player in baseball leads the team in OBP, SLG, and OPS.

But guess who leads the team in batting average.

Pujols?  nope

Hamilton?  really?

There he is.

And what player not named Trout has the highest OBP on the team?

And which non-Trout has the highest OPS on the Angels?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8 things

I have a poll up in the corner.  Go ahead and vote for me.

 About a month ago, I received my first 1976 SSPC cards.  Which sent me into a frenzy.

I had to have more.  So I now have about 87% of the set.  Somehow I'm really low on Royals and Phillies.  Which would make more sense if it was 1980....

Anyway, I detailed in an earlier post some of the things that fascinated me about the set. 

Here then are 8 more things that grab my attention about 1976 SSPC:

8. Duke Snider

I have no Duke Snider cards from his playing days.  And I doubt I will anytime soon.  Now I have one of him as a "Hitting Instructor"

7. Ex-

Those aren't Manager cards.  They're Ex-Manager cards.

6. Toledo Mud Hens

 There's also Tidewater Tides.  And Ken Crosby is pictured on a card in pinstripes, that I'm guessing might be Syracuse or Manchester.

5. Ray Fosse

What's fascinating about Ray Fosse?  I think this picture is from 1972 or so.  One thing about the SSPC set is that they kept up with the flurry of trades in December of 1975 by changing the team name on the back of the card.  But they left the picture on the front of the player in the uniform they played in in 1975.  Except Fosse.  He was traded back to the Indians, and I think they found an old picture.

4. Willie Randolph in a Pirate uniform


3. Helmet numbers

 I'm sure there are Cub fans out there that can correct me on this, but I've never seen (noticed?) numbers on the front of Cubs' helmets before.

2. Bluntness

"The Dodgers gave up on Tom..."  The back of Earl Williams card says "He never liked catching..." while Dave Kingman's says "The San Francisco Giants decided they'd had enough of Dave's striking out..."

1. Jimmie Reese

'Nough said.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

More than Dimes..

I recently asked for some help in ridding myself of some 2014 dupes.  Dime Box Nick sent me a want list, and of course Topps collation seemed to have gotten us with the some of the same wants.  But I sent off a few cards to him.

In that original post I said I didn't necessarily need anything in return, but as bloggers always seem to do, Nick decided to send back some cards.  When I got the envelope in the mail I thought "cool, he'll hit some of my 2014 needs too".


Way wrong.

A 1969 Deckle Edge!  That card alone was far more than I ever could have expected .

But there was more.

A card of my favorite Angel, and I didn't have it.

2013 Archives SP.  There's alot to like here.  The franchise's first MVP.  And current hitting coach.  On the 1979 design.  I'm (very) slowly attempting to finish off the 1979 set.  I've always liked that design.  Even if it is a bit understated.

This card just screams "Nick". 

You've got sweaty Reggie and "What are you looking at?" Reggie.

Three year progression of Wally World parallels.  Hey Topps, I'm one of the biggest parallel supporters, but let's keep the number of different parallels in the single digits, okay?

If I have a Halo Rickie, there's about a 99% chance Nick sent it to me.  I think he's the only player who actually looked good in the Disney-era unis.

As a kid, I had no idea what to do with Pacific Legends.  As an adult, I love the Angels in these sets.  That design is actually pretty good. 

And then there's the horizontal of the best player in baseball, and a faux-rizontal of Upper Deck patting itself on the back. (Whoever came up with faux-rizontal, step forward.  Brilliant).

Thanks Nick, you have outdone yourself. Again.