Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ever Wonder Why?

You ever like something and haven't a clue why?  You just glom onto something, and it becomes a favorite of some sort.  But there's no real reason for it.

When I first started collecting, I just bought cards and wanted to get as many different ones as possible.  But a couple of years in, I found myself collecting this guy:

I'm not an Indian fan, never have been.  And yet, Franco was one of my first player collections (or what I would later make into player collections).  I still only have a few player collections, and almost all of them have connections to the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels.  Rod Carew, Brian Downing, Nolan Ryan, Dick Schofield, Frank Tanana, Bobby Grich, Bob Boone - all Angels.  And yet, why did I collect Julio Franco??

My favorite set though falls into the "Ever wonder why" category. 
Graphical Representation of 1982 Fleer
That's right, my sentimental favorite set is 1982 Fleer. 

Fuzzy, out of focus? 1982 Fleer.
Off center, why did they pick that picture? 1982 Fleer
They don't know which way a right hander throws? 1982 Fleer
I don't actually have this card

They used the same photo as Topps? 1982 Fleer

I remember spending the summer at my aunt's apartment and I would somehow get 50 cents (I think it was) and walking down to the Shortstop (I didn't get the connection at the time) and buying a cello pack of 30 cards.  I had bought some Fleer the previous year, but those cards were gone.  1982 Fleer was the first set I ever really collected.  So I guess that is the real reason I love the set so much.  It was my first.  Funny thing is it never was the same after that.  In 1983 we would walk over to the 7-11 (or was it Circle K?) and buy 1983 Donruss.  But it was wax packs, not the cool cello packs from the year before.  In 1984 I got a couple packs of Donruss from the K-Mart, but I didn't really like the design (I'm in the minority, I still really don't).  In 1985 my mom came home with a box Fleer, and to this day I don't know why.  1986 was the first year of mass pack busting.  My stepbrothers and I put together sets of Topps by hand from boxes bought at the Price Club.

But 1982 Fleer was my first.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Care

Really? Really??

I was just reading a blog post last night (I wish I could remember the blog) about a PWE arriving with a cracked top loader inside.  I thought to myself "That never happens to me, I've had really good luck with the good ol' USPS".

Then I opened my mailbox.
And this came out.  What the heck?  Did the mail truck run over the envelope?  Let's see what's inside
This isn't a good start


That was a listia win.  But its okay, because there were 6 cards in the lot I won.  I really only care about 1 of them, and he seems to have come out of it all unscathed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

That's why.....

...bloggers are awesome.
...I thought I'd try blogging. cards can be a good thing.

Recently I came upon a blog post over at Brad's blog.  I saw a card I wanted and asked if it was available.  A quick check of his want lists and put a small stack of cards in the mail.  I got an envelope today and this came out:

Angel goodness

The guy at the bottom was the guy I asked about, but that's not the card.  Nope, those are all extra cards Brad threw in for me.  Outstanding.

But wait, there's more:

Angel chromy goodness

Those weren't any of the cards I asked about either.  More blogger generosity right there.

So here then is the card I wanted:

2012 MVP

Serial numbered black chrome Mike Trout.  Yup, I'm a Trout collector.  This kid is the real deal.  I know I could never hope to get all of his cards, they're making new ones daily it seems.  And that's fine.  But that card is awesome (just don't notice all the dust on my scanner).

But here's the thing.  I've made a few trades here and there with bloggers. And almost every single time, they have sent along more than I had asked for, way more than I could have expected.  I sent on along a stack of Phillies that I hoped were enough for a fair trade.  And I got way more. Bloggers are awesome.

Thanks Brad

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What is this blog?

What is this blog?

The short answer is, I don't know.

The long answer is - well... I'm not sure it will be anything.  Over the last few years I have read some outstanding blogs and made a few trades with some great bloggers.  My impulse is to be a part of that community.  But I'm not much of a writer.  Do I have anything to say?  Will anybody read it if I do?  Will I be able to contribute regularly enough?  Will I be able to figure out blogger enough to add tabs?

I guess on another level, I'd like to continue making some trades and getting rid of some cards.  Really, I have tens of thousands of extra cards from the ~1979 - ~1991 period that I'd like to get into new homes.  If I can get a couple cards back that would be great.

Seriously, I have tons of this set
and this set.

I know almost nobody needs those and many other sets, but if you do, I'm your guy.

Hopefully I will have something to say along the way.  I'm no writer, but maybe we'll see what happens I guess.