Thursday, March 12, 2015

I went to a baseball game and a movie studio broke out

So yesterday we went to HoHoKam Park and saw the Oakland A's beat the Cleveland Indians 3-2.  My buddy is a big A's fan, so he was happy.

Today we got to Tempe Diablo Stadium to watch the Angels play the Cubs.  There was a headline this morning that Will Ferrell was scheduled to go to 5 Cactus League games and attempt to play all 9 positions.  Well, I know of at least 2 of the positions he played.

Ferrell showed up around the top of the third.  He made his way down the right field line and into the dugout.  He popped back out to give some coaching.

In the bottom of third he waited until the Angels took the field then ran out to center field.

He not only took Mike Trout's position, he took his glove.....

...and his hat.

There's the best player in baseball running off the field, replaced by the Anchorman.  He re-entered the game in the next inning.

And yes, there was a ball hit to Ferrell.  A single to center.

He's about to throw it back in here.  Somebody's head is in the way of the shot I tried to take of the actual throw.

But that was his only play.  He ran off the field and many of the fans assumed he was done for the day.  But the camera crews stayed.

And so did Ferrell.  He moved over the Cubs as third base coach.  He held up a number of large signs, some of which read "don't steal", "Remember, these games don't count", "Ignore that last card, play hard", "You're sooooo handsome", and "I'm not just saying that"

The Cubs scored 4 runs with Ferrell in the coach's box, including this homer.

Addison Russell received some extra special attention during an at-bat.

When it got to 2 outs, Ferrell stepped up to the plate.  He looked at strikes one and two, then whiffed on the third pitch.

He then began the top of the 5th at 1st base.  After one out, Mike Olt came out, and in a reversal took the glove from Ferrell.  Well, he tried to.  Ferrell threw it on the grass and stomped off.

Despite two homers from Kris Bryant, the Angels won 10-9.


  1. Nice recap from someone who was there.

  2. I love all the pictures. Nice job. Your blog is only place I could find any information about Ferrell playing first. It was announced before the game that he was going to do so, and I was hoping to see some video of it, but no media outlets I saw even mentioned it. I can just picture him throwing a fit when Olt came out. Good stuff and thanks for the recap!