Saturday, April 12, 2014

Set Building

It's been kinda dark here on the ol' Junk Wax blog.  Because, well... I'm a bad blogger.  So I'll do a quick post for now.

But I've gotten a few packages lately which have helped me with some set needs.

Robert over at $30 a week habit decided to help me out with 2014 and 2013 Topps base needs.  I got so excited to put the cards into the set that they went right in, so there's no scans.  Like I said, bad blogger.

There's the box anyway.  And it was full.  Everyone has seen the last two Topps offerings, so there probably wasn't any new ground to cover there. But suffice it to say, those cards get this set builder excited!  Thanx Robert.

Ryan over at "O" No!! Another Orioles Blog sent me a bunch of cards too.  There were some more of my 2014 needs in there, some Angels cards in there (which deserve another post) and these:

3 more cards towards my 1979 Topps set.  I'm down to 70 cards needed to complete the set.  And ordinarily a 1990 Topps card might not seem noteworthy.  But this one is.  Set Completion!!  Yup, Mr. Bloody Sock up there was the last card I needed.   Thanx Ryan.

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