Monday, April 21, 2014

Thank You Huskies

Kerry over at Cards on Cards was nice enough to host a March Madness tournament challenge, which I entered.

After all my Pac-12 schools started dropping out, I was languishing towards the bottom of the standings.  But I still had one dog (no pun intended) in the fight.  When UConn won their Final Four game I shot up to 6th in the standings.  Yes, I had UConn in the Championship game.  Of course, if I had the foresight to pick them to win, I would have won the whole thing.... But I'm happy with 6th place.  And 6th place enabled me to claim a prize:

And I went with this Mike Trout sticker.  (Best player in baseball).  But Kerry didn't stop there.

He threw in this 2011 Topps Chrome Jered Weaver.  (Forgive my ignorance - is this the X-Fractor parallel?)  Unexpected bonus, and it's pretty awesome.

Thank You Huskies!!  Kerry

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  1. Yes, that is indeed the X-fractor parallel for Jered Weaver Great stuff from Kerry....and congrats to your Huskies!