Sunday, July 20, 2014


I recently won an eBay auction for what I consider to be a steal

50 cents shipped for my first 1963 Fleer card.  And its of a longtime Angel to boot.  He was basically the catcher of the 60's and he managed the club in the 90's.   And the seller decided to use a couple other cards to protect this one in the package.  One was a 1987 Topps, but the other one was a 1987 Glossy send-in.  Joke is on him, as I like that set, and I didn't have that card (Don Mattingly).

I bought some Series 2 and I pulled

this card.  One of those Future Stars parallels of Series 1 cards.  I like it.  Pretty gimmicky to have 4 parallels of Trout's card, but whatever.  Problem is I put this one in my Trout PC.  I think I might need more for my 2014 set (if I ever get that completed).  And my Topps Angels binder.

These two cards have nothing in common.  Except they're both mine.  And I like them. 

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