Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Donruss Card Numbering too

So, what I was getting at in my last post really, was to ponder how Donruss' card numbering affected my Angels.

I think there's been alot written about Topps ripping off its own 1983 design in 1984.  And Topps used the same numbering patterns in the two sets as well.  Donruss did the same things one year earlier.

Interestingly, I think in both cases I'm in the minority in that I like the second year's design as much as or more than the first.

more pitchers
Donruss took the numbering reuse to more extreme than Topps even.

big names brought in by Autry
I like the script on 1983 more than the block on 1982.

OF/DH types
Maybe its just sentimentality though.

I never saw 1982 Donruss until a couple of years later.

more pitchers

And I collected 1983 Donruss in 1983.

Taking a look through the pairs of cards..

corner infielders
there are some coincidences.

pair of Freds

more pitchers

more pitchers



more pitchers

these guys even have the same name

Both had big years for Salt Lake City in 1979

Is that the same photo??

and more pitchers.

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