Saturday, December 14, 2013

And 1

Recently I received 2 PWEs from John over at My first blog.  Welp, another PWE showed up from John.  Who doesn't love PWEs?  Seriously?  Awesome right?

He definitely is hitting on the wasteland that is my Angels from the period of my collecting inactivity.  I have to say though, Disney did the Angels no favors with their rebranding.  They switched the team from my favorite logo/color combination the Angels have employed:

to that powder blue wing thingy.  The team did have some star power though.  You have the Mo Vaughn signing (bust), Garrett Anderson came up (overrated, but still a good ballplayer), and Troy Glaus there (power).

J.T. Snow is modeling the unis ther for us.  There's a lot going on there in the bottom corner on Darin Erstad.  Stuck in a "metal universe" snowstorm I guess.  Up top there's a Tim Salmon to add to my growing PC.  When I saw the back of the George Hendrick there, I thought "I have that.  Junk Wax, duh".  But no, its a "Topps reproduction" (from the back) of the 1988 card in 2001 Archives.

Thanks again John.  I think I managed to find some more cards from your want list, so keep an eye out.

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  1. No worries, enjoy the Angels, You don't have to hit my want list, it is nice though. I still have 3 PWES sitting ready to go, and probably enough cards in a stack of Angels to do 50 more, LOL. Wrap them Bravos up and send em. Check my blog later tonight..